For a more conscious life.
Connected to your heart.
According to your rules.

HEY. Great to have you here.

You want to take your life into your own hands?
Create your own rules?
Dance to your own rhythm?
Push boundaries?

let's do it.

I'm denise.

I am a travel junkie. A creative mind with a tendency to chaos. A dreamer. 
It is my passion to share my enthusiasm for life with others and to inspire them to follow their hearts.
As a speaker, a videographer, book author, podcaster, a person with CF, as a human being.


"Flow of Life"

In my new podcast, Flow of Life, I want to inspire you to live more in harmony with yourself, your true purpose, and the world around you.
In addition to helpful hints, personal stories and thought-provoking ideas, you’ll get a huge amount of inspiration for a more conscious life connected to your heart and according to your own rules.    [German only]