I’m a travel junkie. A creative mind with a tendency to chaos. A dreamer. 
My passion is to share my enthusiasm for life with others and to inspire them to follow their hearts.
As a speaker, a videographer, book author, podcaster, a person with CF, as a human being. 


About me

creative life.

A life without creativity to me is unthinkable. I have always loved expressing myself creatively in many different ways.
Whether through photography or moving images, sewing and tailoring, singing, writing or dancing. My inner child finds its sacred space in creativity.


In some moments I am overflowing with enthusiasm. Even though I am a very reflective person and question many things, I am convinced that everything in life has its meaning and purpose.
That this world is a miracle. That each of us is extremely unique und valuable.


To me, traveling means looking at the world in a new light. To devote ourselves to every new moment, to open our hearts to the people around us, to really live, instead of just existing. Traveling takes our breath away, makes our hearts beat faster and sometimes makes us afraid, as well.
In order to live this way, in reality, we don’t have to travel at all. 

looking within.

Despite the many journeys, my inner journey has taught me the most. Listening to my inner voice, following my heart, has resulted in me being able to live the life of my dreams- which in no case means that it’s perfect. Currently I am traveling the Americas with my partner in crime in a self converted van and working location-independently while we travel.

about my work

freelance work.

Since 2015 I have been working as a freelance videographer and editor. In general, my services include the creating of image films, 2D motion design and video marketing consulting. When I am traveling, I work mainly as a video editor and also like to take part in in special (video) projects, bringing in my knowledge of social media and video marketing strategies.
If you would like to work with me, check out my Vimeo Channel and/or contact me here.


In 2016, out of my love for writing and traveling, I started my first blog, “Travelous Mind“, which was originally thought to just be a travel blog. Over the next 3 years it instead evolved into a platform that mainly deals with the topics of “traveling with chronic illnesses” and deep and mindful traveling.


The “Travel with Chronic Illness” community on Facebook emerged as part of the blog and is intended to help globetrotters fulfil their travel dreams despite their illness.

my first book.

In 2017, I then published my first book, „Life happens for you: Traveling the world with a backpack and Cystic Fibrosis“ (indirect English translation). In this book I describe my travels around the world and life with the chronic metabolic disease Cystic Fibrosis with all its ups and downs. [Only in German] Find out more about the book here.

public speaking.

Since mid-2018 I have also been giving lectures at different seminars and conferences around Europe about traveling and living with Cystic Fibrosis, about the mindful approach of one’s own health and the integration of CF treatments into everyday life.  My main goal is to let those affected know that despite, or precisely because of, their illness, they are able to pave their own way in life and realize their full potential. Some of these lectures you can find at the bottom of the page under „Media“.


With the new “Flow of Life”-Podcast I share some of my experiences, learnings and pointers in a new format. I talk about how to you can live more in harmony with yourself, your true destiny and the world around you.
Here you can listen in. [Only in German]
Cystic Fibrosis is a metabolic disease that affects the lungs and all other organs. The thick mucus in these organs is caused by a genetic defect and the associated malfunction of the chloride channel. Living with Cystic Fibrosis requires daily inhalations, regular exercise and the intake of many medications and antibiotics.
While living with the disease was nearly impossible just a few decades ago, the average life expectancy today is at about 40 years. About 8000 people in Germany live with Cystic Fibrosis.
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