Where Time Stands Still/ Documentary

I made this film after a 3-week trip through Spain and Portugal. To be honest, I wasn't sure before what the film was going to be about exactly, but in the course of the trip the idea gradually became very clear.

"Where Time Stands Still" is about 3 different people, who over time have come to realize that working a normal 9 to 5-job and living a regulated, "normal" life, the way it is expected of us today, is not for them and about how they strive to make their lives a little bit different.

In this context the aspect of "time" was an essential topic for all of us, regarding the way we use or waste it and finding a way to make time occasionally slow down. To create moments for ourselves in which we just stop and take the time to actually BE.

So, grab yourself a beer, relax and let yourself just be for a moment. ;-)
I hope you enjoy!

Camera: Canon 600D
Film & Edit: Denise Yahrling
Special thanks to: Joe Klingner, Fabian Klingner, Sidney Cipriano, Loan Temming, Flo Klingner, Andreas Naumann and all the other wonderful people that joined me on this trip and helped out in any way.
Music by Zach Waters
Surfing-GoPro-shots by Joe Klingner
Shots of me by the cliffs: Loan Temming
Photo-Animations: Denise Yahrling
Photos of Sidney surfing: Joao Barbose & Steph Sartorious